Sunday, August 29, 2010

Fabulous Finds

I cant believe that I stopped doing fabulous finds
This is something that a lot of people loved and honestly I loved doing it.So with that in mind I am back to telling you about all the fabulous things I love.Since its been A while I am going to do A list of things that I am in love with right now and are fabulous!! Enjoy

I recently had A gift card for Old Navy and picked up some of their nail polish.
I work with my hands a lot so usually when I paint my nails it only last A day and its already chipping off.
I have had on the Old Navy nail polish in paisley pink for over A week now and not A chip in sight...This makes me smile, I hate painting my nails.Not all stores carry it but if they do it will be up by the cash registers.
(This is not the color I picked but the only pic I could find)

I am A on the go kinda girl who doesn't like to spend forever to get ready and these are just that quick and easy.I have to admit though when you first get them it takes A good 5-6 times to figure out how they work in your hair and where to put them in at.Once you get it down they are so quick and easy. They give your hair that messy kinda tousled look that seems to be in style right now.All you do is pull your hair back or to the side how ever you want it and then spin the pins in like a cork screw and the hold for ever. You tube helped me on how to use them... If in doubt you tube it...You can get them at Wally world,Target or any of your local drug stores.
My friend Jade has done something AWESOME
I am A sucker for anything cute and shiny,Unfortunately my check book and hubby is not such A fan.
So I was SO excited when A friend of mine started selling tons of the cutest bling,purses,shades and tons of other super cute stuff for super cheap.Unlike others she doesn't have to pay this crazy amount for her overhead so she can sell to us for great prices. She is on face book and if you love anything cute and shiny like me head on over to her face book and check it out.... She has TONS of stuff!!! You can also host parties with her and score lots of goodness for FREE!!! That's right FREE who doesn't love that. Be sure to tell her I sent ya!!
OK so not only do I love what these do for me but they are kinda cute too.The power balance bracelet is hot right now, people like Khole Khardasian and her husband Lamar Odom swear by them. Not only do they wear them but Tim Tebow,Robert Deniro and lots of other celebs.The power balance bracelet helps with your balance,flexibility and core strength.How does it work you ask? Power Balance is based on the idea of optimizing the body’s natural energy flow, similar to concepts behind many Eastern philosophies. The hologram in Power Balance is designed to resonate with and respond to the natural energy field of the body. Nick and I have been wearing ours for about two weeks now and just love them,It also helps me sleep better I have not taken A sleep aid for about A week now and sleep great. A lot of people think that it is A mind over matter thing and that its all in your head, But hey if it makes me think I'm stronger,more flexible and all that... I'm cool with that. To watch the demonstration video check out this previous blog . Oh yeah and if you want one of these let me know we are selling them....They retail for 30 bucks in the mall and we are selling them for 10 bucks or 3 for 25.... What A great deal right?

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