Thursday, July 29, 2010

Chicka Chicka Bow Wow

Since I have been in this funky groove here lately, My lovely hubby thought it would be A good idea to get out of the house. With this Bowling for Breath fundraiser coming up it has been our mission to get some good items for our raffle. Nick has never been to the St. Johns town center, Crazy I know... So we decided to make a trip over there. Before we went Nick and I stopped by Wolfsons to visit our friend Chelsea who was getting A tune up. Lucky her she gets to go home tomorrow and has also put on some weight which is AWESOME.  Anyways, Nick and I go down stairs and there is A flippin Chick Fil A in the hospital...
We are so jealous.. We SOO had to eat horrible hospital food when Nick was stuck in the hospital. So Of course we had to enjoy some Chick fil A Deliciousness....
Then Nick and I headed over to the town center and our luck it started to down pour. With the town center being A out side mall we decided to head over to the Avenues. I must say that I love that mall way better than any others in our area.While we were there one of the stores donated the cutest Vera Bradly purse to be raffled off at bowling for breath.. I was really excited about this.

While we were there I feel like we kinda got sucked into one of those little stands in the middle of the mall. This guy was there selling these things called "Power Bands" and he did something called the power balance test on Nick and I...Take A look It was pretty impressive.

It was suppose to help with strenth,Balance and flexibility and strangly enough it did.Nick REALLY wanted one but then the guy told us how much they were and I was not as impressed... Anyways if you have the extra 30 bucks laying around to spend on it I think it is A good investment. A lot of the athletes are wearing them and seem to be the new thing.

On our way home Nick and I got A call from A good friend of ours and got some AMAZING news. You will have to wait and see what it is...We are going to wait until we get some more info but its pretty amazing.Here are some pictures from when my Grandmother was down from California.. ENJOY!!!!
 Have A great week yall!!!

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