Saturday, August 28, 2010

Bowling For Breath 2010....What A great day!!!

I am so happy to say that today's bowling for breath fundraiser was awesome.We had well over 120 people at the event today,95 bowlers and many who came to support the cause.I don't think today could have ran any smoother,Especially for this being our first big fundraiser that Nick and I have put on.
At today's event we raised....
I don't know about you...But that gets me excited. I am ready, Ready for A cure...I am sick and tired of seeing my husband struggle knowing he deserves A cure.He deserves to not be defeated by this monster of a disease as well as every other person who is effected by this illness.
It was so nice to see everyone come out and make A extra effort to be there.I really don't think people understand what it means to Nick and I. I loved being able to chat with everyone and I tell ya this world is a crazy place.Many times today people came up to Nick and I and showed us SO much love telling us that WE INSPIRED THEM....CRAZY I KNOW!! We were kinda thinking the same thing about them,How awesome it is that!! Through their loss or struggle with this disease we look up to them knowing that we too can get through this and that everything WILL be OK.
I feel so blessed and lucky to have A husband who inspires other people to do better and beat CF.Nick and I are so lucky to have the kind of support that we do and the love for you guys is just un descibeable. I could go on and on but how about I share some pictures from today's event....
Thank you everyone who made this event happen and to the bowlers who came out today!!!!

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