Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Shoot for A Cure

Today my friend Brittney and I had the opportunity to volunteer for the Shoot for A cure . I absolutely love volunteering for the CF foundation because it is something that is near and dear to my heart. When we went today I really didn't think we would have such A good time. Brittney and I were "Trappers" and were set at certain stations.At those stations we pressed the button to release the clay skeet for the guys to shoot. Other than the fact that my ears have not stopped wringing this was definitely one of the funnest CF fundraiser so far.We even got to meet Sam Kouvaris,Our local sports news broadcaster.Here are some of the pics from today, And dont forget to do your part and donate to our team by clicking on the DONATE NOW button to the right.

All the guys getting signed in
This guy came in and set up shop in the middle of know where and made us some Carabas that was O SO YUMMY
Brittney making the long trek out to our stations
We went the wrong way which ended up being the LONG way
Brittney and I with Sam Kouvaris

The girls who volunteered

Tomorrow Nick and I are heading up to Gainesville for A Dr.appointment.This will be our first time meeting with the transplant team,Kinda bittersweet. Just keep us in your thoughts as I know both Nick and I are kind of nervous. Hope everyone is having A great week....

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