Thursday, March 25, 2010

What Transplant???

Yesterday Nick and I got up bright and early to head to Gainesville. As you previously read Nick and I were going to meet with the transplant team to see where Nick stands. It was A nice ride down there, I slept most of the time hehe. If you have ever been down to Gainesville you know it is very easy to get lost if you dont know where your going. We went to two different hospitals and then finally got some direction to the right building. When we got there we went back and they took Nicks vitals and weighed him. I was SO HAPPY when I looked at the scale and it said this...
136.04 That .04 really counts!!!!
The nurse probably thought I was crazy but this is the most Nick has weighed in quite A while. Nick is so funny I said "Nick I cant believe it" He said "Its all muscle".
Anyways we went back into A room and waited,And waited and then finally the Dr.came in.

Nick,and I ...He does this when he is tired of taking pics...
Can you tell we were bored?
He was very nice and Nick and I felt very comfortable with him. He got Nicks history and asked lots of questions then he pretty much laughed at us. He said Nicks health is WAY too good at this point to even consider him for the transplant. I told him Nick is in good shape now because since January he has been working REALLY hard to get healthy. Back in October when his health declined quite A bit I think it really scared Nick as well as everyone else. That is when Nicks Dr.said its time to get him evaluated,But since there he has kicked butt and improved A LOT.
The Dr. pretty much told Nick that by him getting  A daily regimen of going to the gym and working out along with really staying on top of his treatments saved his life. My concern was that Nick was going to wait to long to do the evaluation and be active on the list and then he wouldn't be able to get lungs. The Dr. explained to us that years ago the "list" was A little different.They use to do the transplant according to who had been on the list the longest. Now they have something called A allocation,You get lungs according to how sick you are. He also told us that the survival rate for post transplant is 50%,HOW SCARY IS THAT? He told us that if they were to do 100 transplants today that in 5 years only 50 would be alive. He really explained to us that the transplant is Nicks last resort and to of course take GREAT care of the lungs he has now. When Nick heard this it was just reassurance for him that he is doing A GREAT job and taking care of himself is really paying off.
Nick has been going to the gym so much lately,I have to admit I have been getting kind of lonely....:) He goes 5 days A week for 2-2 and A half hours. I talked to him about it yesterday and he said to me "Amanda, If you found something that you LOVED to do and you knew it was going to keep you alive longer wouldn't you do it?" It was A really eye opener,I felt then like I was being selfish and once I again I am thankful to have someone like Nick keep me in check.
When I got home I was cleaning up the room and came across Nicks stockpile of junk food. Nick is on A 4500 calorie diet. He has to eat that much every day to just maintain his weight.That is really hard to do believe it or not so our grocery bill contains is spent on a lot of these. I am so jealous if I even look at these I gain 10 pounds.
I hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful weather it has been just perfect.Have A great weekend and please be sure to DONATE to our Great strides team and help CF stand for CURE FOUND!!! Just click the Donate now button on the right of the blog..Thanks


Anonymous said...

Amanda you did a Great Job on the blog post I wanted to cry it was very good and I love you soo much. You keep me going and going and going.....

CF Fatboy said...

Good post. Nick is welcome to write a guest post any time he wants about his diet on since I noticed his junk food varies a lot from mine. We are eating about the same amount, though.

How tall is Nick?

Carrie said...

Girl, I know what you mean. I would fight someone for a box of Fudge Rounds right about now :)

On a more serious note, I have so thrilled to hear (read) that your Nick is doing great. That is HUGE news. Y'all should celebrate!

Amanda Faye said...

We did celebrate,We went out to dinner and I enjoyed A swiss roll for dessert lol..Thanks for the encouragment we <3 it