Sunday, March 21, 2010


I am So excited about this new show coming up called FOOD REVOLUTION. I think it is just crazy at how many obese children there are today as well as adults. The other day while I was at work there was A lady come through my line. As she placed her items on the belt it was nothing but cookies,candy and sugary juice drinks.I asked her what all this was for because it was obvious this was for some kind of function.She then replied by telling me she was A teacher and it was for A party she was giving her class for doing well for A reading program.

All that ran through my mind was article after article of Americas children being extremly obese. I just think it is SO wrong to reward our children with nothing but FAT FAT and MORE FAT. When I saw the trailer for this show I was SO excited. Me being slightly pudgy myself hope that this is A HUGE eye opener for America.Please check it out tonight on ABC at 10 o' clock for the sneak preview.

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Ashley said...

Oh my goodness that show sounds so good! I love those kind! My fav! ;)

Thanks for stopping by today! ;)