Monday, March 15, 2010

Right place,Right time

This past Friday I had off and Nick needed to pick up some meds from the pharmacy downtown at Nemours.While we were there we ran into A good friend of ours Chelsea,We met her and her family last year at camp.They are such A joy to be around and are good people,It was nice to play catch up for A little bit. While Nick and I were there he really wanted to stop by and see A nurse that holds A special place in our hearts.Unfortunately she was not there,But can I just say how much I LOVE when God puts us in the right place at the right time.While we were waiting to see if this nurse was available another lady waiting asked us if Nick did studies for CF with this nurse. We said well we use to but haven't much lately,She told us that two of her children have Cf and they participate in the studies. So when we heard that she had two children with Cf we told her Nick also has Cf.For those of you who do not know, Cf has previously been more of A childhood disease as most Cf patients didn't make it into adulthood. Thankfully things have changed and the expectancy of ones life has also changed. With that being said when I meet another adult with Cf it is simply makes me smile and gives me hope. Hope and reassurance that there is A tomorrow for these children who are battling this disease and for Nick. So when we met Gail I know it warmed her heart to see Nick as good looking as he is and be able to relate Nick and her son.Anyways one thing went to another and we were just so overwhelmed and wrapped up in conversation.She did not have her husband nor the children with her. She invited us to have lunch with her family and I am so glad we did.

Nick and I with the Wade family at Op's in Fernandina
A goofy picture of courseThe wade family is from Waycross Ga but have A beach house in nearby Fernandina. The salt water air is REALLY good for people with Cf so I would say that is A great investment. Gail and Jeff have three adorable children Hannah who is 15 and really smart,Brent who is 12 and has CF and precious little Madison who is 10 and also has cf. They were such A FUN family and I tell ya everything happeneds for A reason. I am so happy to have them as apart of our Cf family, We hope to see them at camp this year. We ate at Ops in Fernandina, It was REALLY good and the house salad was O so yummy. We were really enjoying ourselves with them, So after lunch we decided to go grab some ice cream and browse the shops downtown. It was so nice to talk and laugh with them and listen to what works for them and share some of our tricks with them. Nick kept saying how much of himself he saw in Brent,and Madison just had SO much energy. They had to get going and head back to Ga,But I do believe we have met some life longs friends in this fight that we have going on here. I tell ya it sure makes things a lot easier when ya got people there. Before they left we snapped some pictures, It was nice to see I was not only the one who carries my camera EVERYWHERE. Gail is also A picture FANATIC,It was great. Thanks again to the Wade family, We had such A great time and hope to see you sooner than later. Brent,Gail,Jeff,Hannah and Madison

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