Thursday, March 11, 2010

A little bit of this A little bit of that

Hey yall, It is A well not so sunny day here in Bryceville Fl. Sadly I am still in bed in between my rotten fur baby Jag and my husband,And I kind of like it. I hope everyone is having A great week,Its almost over and I am hoping for Mr.Sun to show his pretty face this weekend. Nick had his Dr. appointment on Tuesday,I am A little late on posting I know. He did really good and his lung function did go up 6 points. Two weeks ago it was A 25 and then Tuesday it was 35,HOW AWESOME. Nick worked really really hard in between Dr. appointments and I must say I am SO proud of him. This guy is pretty much AMAZING, He has the best out look on things. So its looking like no IVS this month which we are both really happy about. Reality is that Nick and I along with his Dr. I'm sure would like his lung function to be way higher than 31. With that in mind we still have A long road ahead of us, I have no doubt in my mind that Nick is completely capable of it.
Nick and I get to watch our nephew Trace on Saturday,I am really excited about this. We went and hung out with Courtney and Trace yesterday and Trace was smiling and laughing,It was just too adorable. So Saturday is going to be A lot of fun,From what I hear he likes to stay up all night. So Nick and I will get our baby fix and I'm sure will cure the baby fever I have had lately...
I hope yall have A great weekend and don't forget to donate to our great strides team. Just click on the DONATE NOW button to the right. Help CF stand for CURE FOUND.

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Lianna Knight said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment for me :)

One of my VERY good friends has CF and is doing GREAT now!!! I remember growing up and taking her treatments all the time and missing her like crazy when she went to CF camp :)

Adding your hubby to my prayer list!!

And Jag....he's quite a cutie!

Please come back and enter my'll LOVE it :)