Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Last night I got on the scale and I was SO mad at myself. These past two weeks I have well kinda cheated on my healthy eating/workout. I am now back on track and DETERMINED, It feels so good to watch the pounds melt away not pack on again. This morning I got up really early because I thought I had to be to work at 10:30. I knew when I got off of work I would not feel like working out. Brittney and I got up there at 9:00 and worked out some, Then we realized there was A zumba class. To be honest I was honestly intimidated by this class because its pretty intense. Brittney convinced me to do it and I am SO glad she did,It is SO much fun. I workout at Anytime Fitness so if you are A member I suggest you try it. Zumba is A dance class, I thought it was mostly Latin dancing but there was a lot of good music on. Oh and on the way to the gym I realized I didn't have to be to work until 4:30, I love when I misread my schedule...Anyways Have A fabulous day


Brittany Bell said...

I love love love Zumba.. I used to do it ALL THE TIME, until I lost my partner and then I quit going lol..

Carrie said...

I have always wanted to try Zumba. (Confession: I think I might just like saying the word ;) Good for you!