Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Can I get A Friday??

Happy Tuesday everyone!! I hope you all had A GREAT weekend and the weather was as beautiful in your neck of the woods as it was here.
Nick and I had A pretty good weekend and enjoyed the weather ourselves.Our friends Brad and Brittney who just had A baby have A much needed date night every Friday night,So we joined. All of us decided on SUSHI ROCK, OUR ALL TIME FAVIORITE. Funny thing is none of us really care for sushi,But the Japanese food is amazing.After dinner we were suppose to go to A concert at the Jacksonville Landing but knew it was going to be WAY crazy. Is this A sign that we are getting old? :( So we just went back to the house and hung out.
Brad and Brittney
All of us @ Sushi Rock

My honey and I
Brittney,Marsha and
Headed out to dinner
Saturday morning Nick and I headed up to Wolfson's to see our friend Theron who also has Cf. He is in the hospital due to A pneumothorax. They put A tube in his chest to inflate his lung again and seal up the hole in his lung. They had no idea he even had this until he started having pains in his chest so they went to the Dr.and did A x ray and that's what they found. He is doing MUCH better now but is still in some pain so please keep him in your prayers. I also got to meet his girlfried Beyonka who is as cute as a button. I really hope to see them at camp this year.
While we were there visiting the nurses station I looked over and saw our friend Shawn. I was SO happy to see him, he was in there due to his Trach being infected. He looked SO good, he put on A ton of weight and he looked really healthy and as always, He made my heart smile. I love seeing people who are so delightful even in the most unlikely situations.
Have A great day people and remember BE THANKFUL!!!!
Here is Nick with some of his nurses from when he went to Wolfson's,If only they knew how much we missed them...

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