Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Terrific Tuesday

Since getting back from camp I have found myself many times day dreaming and wishing Nick and I were still there. Unfortunately I usually snap out of it and realize we are back to reality. I went back to work that following Tuesday to find out that I no longer had A job. So since then I along with the thousand other people in Jacksonville have been job hunting. I have NEVER had A problem getting A job,Lets just say times are different now. I went to 5 places today only to arrive and find 4-5 other people ahead of me for interviews,Its very discouraging. So please keep me in your thoughts and prayers because honestly I NEED A JOB LIKE YESTERDAY!!! On another note I have had A LOT of down time to work on my homework,Take care of Nick, Lay out by the pool and SLEEP IN. It has been bitter sweet, I cant say that I haven't enjoyed sleeping in A little.While at camp Nick and I met A boy named Shawn who is 14 and also has CF. He was quite the cool kid, And has A heart of gold. He has defiantly had A colorful past and Nick and I were very happy to hear that he lived in Jacksonville. I just wanted to put him in my pocket and take him home. So it was great to know that he lived close to Nick and I. He is in the hospital for A tune up and then will be getting A tracheotomy to help him breathe better on the 1st. I decided that I wanted to go see him and went to visit him yesterday and it warmed my heart to see how happy he was to see me.I got to show him pictures from camp and he was so happy to see the familiar faces. So that was really nice to get to see him. Tonight was also bitter sweet it was my last night of class. I was happy for it to be over but sad because I have met so many good people and learned so much. I still have a lot of work to do in order to get my portfolio done. I am such a procrastinator so we will see how that goes. I hope every one has A great 4th of July... XOXO ALWAYS

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Anonymous said...

Amanda ... you ROCK girlfriend!!! You are such a sweetheart and so is Shawn!! I know that meant the world to him that you came to see him.

Cassie Snyder