Wednesday, March 31, 2010

If I had A child

This is A warning:If you have A weak stomach you may want to pass on this post!
I had off today and had EVERY intention of sleeping in. Then I woke up this morning to A house that was covered in foamy vomit  and blood. I was SO freaked out to find out that Jag was the culprit. We had A very sick furbaby on our hands,I had no idea what to do.
Jag and my brother in laws dog spider man like to adventure off into the woods. They always seem to bring back some kind of surprise for us.They also like to eat anything they think might be tasty.So when I saw the foamy vomit I just thought his stomach was upset as this has happened before. Then I saw A small pool of blood,Then I started freaking out.
Jag was having blood as A bowel movement.Thankfully our next door neighbor is A veterinarian (What A blessing/money saver this is). So Nick and I wrapped him up in A towel and his faviorite blanket and headed to the vet clinic. Our AMAZING friend got us right back, I kinda felt bad because there was A lobby full of people waiting.
When we got back into the room I unwrapped Jag and then I lost it. I didn't realize how much blood he lost,It was really scary. Then they had to put A muzzle on Jag because he isn't the nicest all the time. The Dr. came in and messed with Jag A little, I had to leave the room. I couldn't stay in there he was yelping and freaking out.The Dr. gave him two shots and hooked him up to A Iv.He told us Jag has some kind of intestinal anabolism.
This can be caused by eating human food ,Especially pork he said to NEVER feed A dog pork. He also said once in A blue moon the dogs get it on there own. We have to bring him back every day for 2-3 days until it clears up so he can get meds and go on ivs. He cant eat or drink until it clears up, The ivs will give him his nutrition for the day.
On the way home I told Nick, OK NO BABYS FOR NOW. I just couldnt imagine how I would handle it if I had A child and something like this went wrong. I use to laugh at my Mom ALL THE TIME because of the way she babied her dog. I know realize how much they are like our children I love him like my baby ....Some people call it silly but call it what ya want it.
He is doing A little better now oddly enough he just wants to lay in the bathtub. Nick and I put his bed in the tub and he napped there for almost three hours...Please keep Jag in your prayers!! Thanks

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Jaime said...

Aww!! I'll be praying for little Jag. They certainly are like children... we have 3 and even though we now have Zane.. they still fall in the same very important category.. they will always be my little babies :) Praying for you too.. it's hard when you know they aren't feeling well and there isn't anything you can really do....