Monday, June 22, 2009

Nothing short of Amazing

Jessica and JeffNick and I hanging out on the lawn
Billy and Nick Playing around with my new camera The elephant that greeted us in the room One of the many amazing families we met Nick and I At dinner the last night of camp

Cant wait to go back

This past week Nick and I took A trip to Vero beach for the Sunny shores sea camp. It is A camp for people with Cystic Fibrosis and their families to go. It is held at the Disney Vero beach resort and was nothing short of life changing for Nick and I. When I found out about the camp I was really excited to go and meet other people with CF and their families. I thought it would be great for Nick to be around other people who knew exactly what he was going through and learn about their stories and what they go though. I never thought in A million years that I would learn as much as I did from these AMAZING people. At the camp they had what they call A "Pow Wow" where just the people with CF go and share their stories and what they are going through or what they do to keep themselves healthy. It is also A open floor for questions and is facilitated by A Dr. so no wrong information is given out. I wasn't aloud to go in because I didn't have CF but when Nick came out of that Pow Wow he came out with A new state of mind. It was A wake up call for him. He really finally realized how important it is to do everything in his power to keep his body healthy. It was so amazing for me to talk to other spouses who were going through the same thing as me. Not only did we learn a lot but we had the BEST time ever. Nick and I have not laughed like that in A very long time. After A couple of days we realized how great laughing is for Air Clarence. We spent A lot of time at the pool and Nick being the kid at heart that he is won the water slide races one day. I don't think there was A night that we were there that we went to bed before 2. My birthday was also on Friday so we celebrated that while we were there,At dinner that night A friend we met at camp got everyone at dinner to sing happy birthday to me. I thought it was embarrassing when the people at the restaurant sing to you,Try having 197 people sing happy birthday. It was great though I wouldn't have had it any other way then to spend my birthday with these great people. I feel so blessed for Nick and I to have been able to go to Sunny shores camp this year I can only hope that we will be attending next year.For someone with Cf this is the most life changing,spirit boosting,educating time for them.There is nothing more special than to go to this camp and be around people who are just like you and you don't feel alone anymore. I will be posting lots more pics here are just sure to comment and show some love... XOXO ALWAYS


Anonymous said...

I am a CF Mom that had the pleasure of meeting Nick and Amanda at Sunny Shores Camp this past week. My son Brent who is 20 has CF. We have been going to camp for well over 6 years as a family, although we have met many wonderful people no one quite compares to Nick and Amanda!! Maybe it is their youth, but they really made camp this year a BLAST!! They had everyone in tears with laughter. I know my son really made a connection with them and I hope maybe learned a few things from Nick.

Nick and Amanda you are AMAZING people and I hope that our family will be life long friends. You made a difference in camp this year! Amanda was single handedly able to give CPT to about 5 CFers at one time by playing Mad Gab and making them all laugh so hard they were all coughing :o)

We love you guys and are very blessed to have met you both!!

Cassie Snyder

Amanda Faye said...

Thank you Cassie, I have now just used A whole box of tissues.Good job LOL. I cant wait to meet up with you guys sometime through the year.Your family was great and also kept us laughing brent gave me some lessons on how to be a better wife too LOL No more nagging I suppose. We love you guys and will be seeing you sooner than later... XOXO

Anonymous said...

Amanda and Nick it was a pleasure to spend time with you both, My family really enjoyed being with you.When you come to Miramar make sure yu come and see us. Keep on running. Lol The Duffy's

Hollie Miller said...

To 2 amazing people. Thank you for making camp such a fun place. Chelsea has never had as much fun as she did this year.
Thank you for your smiles! Can't hardly wait until next year.
Thank you also for befriending Shawn. He looks up to both of you and has a great deal of awe for Nick.

Hope to see you on the 9th.