Thursday, June 18, 2009


No excuses....I just haven't been blogging,Then again not a lot has been going on. Nick is doing REALLY good and sounds great. Nick and I are leaving this morning for our much needed vacation to Vero Beach Fl. We are SO excited to just get away just the two of us and enjoy this time. We are gonna have a lot of fun and meet lots of new people and I love to meet new people.My birthday is also on Friday so that's gonna be fun, I cant believe I am going to be 23!!! For my birthday last night Nick came home and handed me A present, So I unwrapped it and it was A OOOLLLLLLd 35mm camera.. LOL I just laughed and said "Thanks Hunnie" Then he handed me another present and it was his sisters old broken digital camera lol I laughed again and said "Thanks" Then he finally gave me another present and when I opened it, He got me the Nikon coolpix L100..... I LOOOVEEEE It!!! I have been wanting another camera so that's what I got for my birthday and I couldn't be any happier. Anyways Now that I have A new camera I will be taking TOOONS of pics and cant wait to share them with you... XOXO Always

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