Monday, May 25, 2009

Catching up

Happy Memorial Day!!!! I absolutely love three day weekends. It gives you time to relax and catch up on things. This weekend has been so pleasant and filled with lots of fun. Nick and I just found out that we are going to be A Aunt and uncle. We are so excited for Nicks sister Courtney and her husband Chuck.Not only are we celebrating the big news from Courtney and Chuck but we have Tyler's graduation coming up. So we had A little get together this weekend with lots of family and friends and had such a great time.As I have said before I kind of fell of the blogging wagon for A while and am trying to get with it and catch up. So lets see... Nick and I got accepted into the Sunny Seashores resort. We are ridiculously excited about that. It is at the Disney Vero beach resort in June. It is where other people with Cf and there families from all over the United States get together. We are happy because sometimes it is nice to get together with other people who know what you are going through and just relate.So not only do we get to go but it is totally FREE. How AMAZING is that!!! They pay for our rooms at the resort,all of our meals and activities.So we will be headed to Orlando June 18-23rd for that. The great strides walks are over now which is kind of bitter sweet. The walks are so great because you get to hang out with other people like you and chat while at the same time raising money to find A cure for this terrible disease.I have met some amazing people through the great strides walks and through this blog. I know that we are so close to finding A cure and truly are making A difference. With that being said I hope everyone has a great week. XOXO ALWAYS


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Graciy said...

I love the mohawk!