Saturday, February 21, 2009

Blah Blah Blah

HELLO, I hope everyone is having A great weekend. Nick and I are just relaxing here at the house. I started school this past Tuesday so lots of homework already. I have to admit it I enjoy doing it. Its not like when you were in high school and you dread doing your homework. I am so excited about learning more because knowledge is power. I absolutely love working as A preschool teacher. This past Wednesday I met with the ladies from the CF foundation,I really love them. They are terrific!!! We have the Great Strides walk coming up in May. Last year I didn't have alot of time to fund raise but this year we are on the ball. I am super excited about all the fundraising we have going on. We are doing our online fundraising which you can find the link to at the right of the page. We also have A silent tea party we are doing which is so cute. Then we have our pinups that we are selling for A dollar at local restaurants. Once it gets A little warmer we will be doing some car washes. Our goal as A team is 1500.00 dollars, And without a dought in my mind are we going to reach that goal and maybe more. WOOOHOOO. Anyways Things are good Nick went to the Dr. On Wednesday for his study that he is doing. His lungs sound great and he even gained 2 more pounds. I am so proud of him . Hope everyone has A great weekend... XOXO Always


Graciy said...

Concrats on Nich gaining a couple pounds! I know how hard it can be. Its so awesome that you are so involved with great strides. We will be doing my first one in May. I can't wait!

CFlover said...


Keep up the awesome work!! Its fantastic!!

Congrats on the weight!!