Saturday, March 7, 2009


Things have been super crazy so I have not had time write. Being that I don't have a lot of time to sit and write Whole lot I am going to start doing something called Super Sunday. Every Sunday weather I have time to write or not I am going to Do A list or write whatever is going on at the time on Sundays. That way at least once A week I can catch up . After school ends I will back to writing all the time. Anyways I am excited about that. Nick is doing well. We had A incident last week where Nick was working on A truck and he went to pull the drive shaft out and the truck rolled back onto him while he was under the truck. Thank God he didn't have more serious injuries. Nick was laying on his side and the truck busted his hip open and he has A minor cut. So he is still trying to recover from that as it bruised his muscle. Not only have we been dealing with that but Nick got some bad news at his Dr. the other day. Nick went to the Dr. for his routine CF checkup and he found out that he lots 3 pounds. We also found out that Nicks Dr. will be leaving us and moving to New York. So Nick is really having A hard time with that due to the fact that there is not another CF Dr. In Jacksonville at the time. His Dr. will be leaving in June and in the mean time the office will be working on finding A new CF specialist. So please keep us in your prayers that we will get A great Dr. that knows what he is doing. I just started school and have been busy as ever. I love it though, I am learning so much. I am just A firm believer in when you know better you do better. By me going to school I am learning so much that I can apply to my classroom and my teaching style. I am excited about things to come. I just got glasses so I am trying to get use to them, Nick loves them which is funny.We are also getting ready for the Great Strides walk on May 2ND. If you haven't already PLEASE PLEASE click on the link to the right and make A donation towards our team. 90 CENTS OF EVERY DOLLAR DONATED GOES TOWARDS FINDING A CURE... PLEASE HELP CF STAND FOR CURE FOUND... God bless XOXO ALWAYS

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CFlover said...

You guys will def. be in my prayers =)