Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Random Acts Of Kindness

I am so excited to talk about this because it is something I am so passionate about.Lately Nick and I have been blessed in so many ways by random acts of kindness. It is something so small that makes such A big difference.With the holidays coming up I am challenging everyone to think about someone else. I think as A culture we have become so consumed in ourselves that we forget what doing something nice can do for another person. 
The other night Nick and I were at olive garden and we went to pay for our meal when the waiter told us that someone had already paid for our dinner.It was so crazy that someone else would do that for us.It was so much fun to pay it forward and send several couples and families dessert that night. Its A win win situation people for them,for you,for the world.

With that being said here are some random acts of kindness you can give A try...
  • Taping candy canes to ATM machines around town
  • Bring your child's teacher or coach something sweet...Randomly not for A holiday 
  • Taping quarters to vending and toy machines around town
  • Grocery shopping for the sole purpose of putting it in the “Food for Families” box in the entryway of the store
  • Plugging meters around town 
  • Pay for the persons coffee behind you in the drivethrough line
  • Handing out Starbucks gift cards {$5.00 value each}

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