Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Photo love

Several months ago I came across this photographers face book page and fell in love, This lady has got some  mad talent yall. Then about A month ago while Nick was in the hospital I was checking her face book page to drool over her pictures when I came across her photo album called heart gallery. What's A heart gallery?  It is A gallery of pictures of children who need me,you or anyone who would take them into their home and love them as yours. It is A gallery of photos of all the children who need to be adopted in Florida. 

I have blogged several times about the longing to become A mother,parents and what direction Nick and I will take to get there. When I came across her heart gallery album and came across these beautiful faces my heart melted when I came to A certain photo of A young man. I commented on the photo and Jamie ( The photographer) began to correspond and I sent her the link to my blog. Jamie read my bucket list and how I wanted to take A photography class. She then wrote me and said she would love to have me at one of her photography classes and would love to do A session for Nick and I.As if that wasn't amazing enough she said that when Nick and I do adopt she would do A session for our family. 

How crazy is that? Just another random act of kindness...Cant wait to pay it forward.

Here are some of the amazing shots please be sure to head over to J.Halstead photography

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