Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Follow Up

Hey beautiful people, I hope everyone is ready to get the eat on and enjoy all the festivities. I have been meaning to play catch up and let everyone know what has been going down since Nick got out of the hospital.So here goes....

When Nick was in they found out he was growing some nasty mold called aspergillus ( spelling?). It was some pretty nasty stuff and is what we think got Nick feeling so bad. While he was in there they put him on A REALLY strong antibiotic.Now that he is out of the hospital he will have to continue on this antibiotic for up to 6 months. It is so strong that he has to go and get regular blood work done,Poor thing. On A good note he is feeling so much better and seems to have way more energy.

The Dr. did tell Nick that they pretty much wanted him to use oxygen full time now.When he is relaxing at the house it is not needed but while out and about its A must. This is where things get ugly, See Nick is pretty stubborn just like any man really. He is having A hard time getting use to carrying the oxygen around with him (rightfully so) but I think he is also realizing its A must and it is just hurting him not to use it. He had his follow up Dr.appointment today and his weight was up A little but lung functions were the same.

On another note Nick and I will be heading down to Destin Florida for my cousins wedding this weekend. We are so excited to be able to make it and celebrate with them. It is going to be great because this is the first time in A couple of years that all of our family will be together.We also just celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary and I am more in love with this handsome hunk of A man than ever before. He completely balances me out and I am beyond thankful to have him as my forever.

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