Tuesday, December 20, 2011


4 days before Christmas and Nick has another transplant appointment tomorrow.We have been going to Gainesville every 6 months for what seems like forever. Tomorrow's appointment is A little different as we Should get to  know weather or they think its time to start the actual evaluation process. I know this is wrong but I am just ready for this part to be over. Deep inside I hope they tell us that he should start the process.
Deep inside I have these horrible thoughts of "what if"
I keep telling myself that if he is at least finished with this step then we are one step closer to the next.
I keep thinking we are going to miss out on something and it is going to be too late.
 I wish that I had someone tell me that these jumbled most random thoughts were normal.....

Anyways..Better thoughts tomorrow as I must put on my "Positive Pants" Ha :)

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