Friday, November 4, 2011

Day 12 in the hole

Happy Friday everyone!!! Here we are on day 12 in the hospital with only 3 more days to go. Nick was suppose to go home this past Wednesday  but it didn't seem to happen that way. Monday morning Nicks Dr. came in and told us that his big green loogie  sputum culture was growing aspergillus which is A type of mold and MRSA in his lungs. It kind of explained why Nicks lung function went down so fast,So they have been treating him with more iv antibiotics.
The medicine that they put him on to treat the crazy stuff growing in his lung is pretty strong stuff. Once in A blue moon Nick will have A panic attack at night,He woke up the other night having what I thought was A panic attack. He said he kept seeing bright lights and could see himself (pretty freaky stuff) which he has NEVER had in A panic attack before. After he spoke to his Dr. the next morning she told him that it is very rare but one of the meds he is on causes A side effect of hallucinations. As if he does not have enough going on already,Thankfully he has not had another episode again.
They still gave him the opportunity to go home Wednesday but he decided that he wanted to just finish out his ivs here at the hospital.I couldn't have agreed anymore,As much as I would rather be at home in my bed it just works out better. He can get the rest he needs because he is forced to just relax. So his run with ivs will be up on Monday and hopefully we will get to head home.Nick is feeling a lot better and seems to be able to walk A little further,Take A shower and get dressed without getting so out of breath.

Be thankful

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Sonja said...

May I ask what Nick's Dr is using to treat his aspergillus? My hubby's aspergillus is back and causing problems too & we are still waiting for his Dr to decide how to treat it.
Glad that Nick is starting to feel better and I hope you get to go home Monday:)