Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Day one in the hole

Yesterday at around 3:00 Nick got checked in and to our new home away from home.When they came to the room to check his vitals his oxygen was at 86 and he had lost 10 pounds.Lets just say Nick was A little upset about that and was pretty discouraged.I had to be to work this morning at 10:00 this morning and was so sad,I just wanted to stay up there with Nick.When I got up to the hospital this evening he was singing to A different tune.The Dr.some blood drawn to check his nutrition levels due to the weight loss and was surprised to see that everything was good.

The Dr. told him that he is such a perfect candidate for A double lung transplant because he does not have any other CF related issues....Its just his lungs. We are taking it one day at A time and besides me showing up to work looking like A zombie today we are doing good.

Thankful for another day!!!! 

P.S. If you would like Nicks room number,Phone number or the address just send me A e-mail or A face book message

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