Thursday, October 20, 2011

I want to go into the hospital

Happy Thursday yall!!! I hope everyone is having A great week and enjoying this beautiful weather.Nick and I have been laying low lately and just delaying the inevitable.Last week Nick and I were relaxing catching up our dvr when he said "I'm ready to go into the hospital" ..Nick does not like going into the hospital and avoids it at all cost. When I heard him say that I knew he was really not feeling well.

On Tuesday Nick had A Dr.s appointment where they decided that it would be best that Nick goes into the hospital for some good ol' Iv antibiotics. Usually when Nick goes on IVs he does them at home where he has to get up every so many hours to change IVS and just does not get the rest he needs. From now on he will be going into the hospital so that he can rest,They come in and hook up for him,makes sure he gets the air clearance that he needs and brings everything to him. I like it too because I still have to go to work and I don't worry about him as much.

Nicks birthday is Sunday night he is going to be 26!!! WOW how amazing is that considering he was not suppose to see his 15th birthday. I am so proud of him and where he is today the unfortunate thing about CF is you can do everything right and still this nasty disease shows its face and things progress. I cant help but think to myself "Could this be his last birthday before the big transplant". We still have no plans for Nicks birthday he is kind of indecisive on what he would like to do,So we will see.

The other day I had A little meltdown,This has been one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. There are days that it is just unbearable to know that he cant breathe and the simplest things seem impossible for him.Then I found out that A co worker was just diagnosed with stage four colon cancer and today found out it has spread to her lungs.There is also another co worker that I talk with often and her husband has been battling cancer for years and is in the middle of aggressive therapy. So just when I think that everything is falling apart God gives me A little dose of reality that it could always be worse and to be thankful for today.

As you guys finish up your work week and head into the weekend keep that in mind. It could always be worse no matter what the situation you are in and to be thankful for today. Have A great weekend yall!! Below are pictures from when we went to the fair last week,This is my favorite time of the year .

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