Sunday, October 9, 2011

Happy Fall Yall

I hope everyone is kicking off the fall season with lots of fun,football and of course decorating. I have had so  much fun decorating the house. I'm most defiantly one of those decorate for EVERY holiday kinda girls.In the last post I mentioned that Nick and I would be leasing out A spot in A antique store to sell stuff. We are so blessed yall, Knock on wood it has been going really well and we are having A blast doing it.

On another note things have been kinda difficult for Nick. Cystic Fibrosis is defiantly showing its ugly face and reminding us that CF is A progressive disease. On the 23rd of this month Nick will be 26 and I wish I could say that things were just AMAZING. Nick has gotten to A point where everyday things like taking the trash out,going grocery shopping and making the bed are breathtaking. Nick has been getting winded doing just about everything lately. Its hard because he does not feel "sick" just wore out from the simplest things.

It is so hard to sit back and watch Nick get frustrated with himself because he cant do the simplest things.This is A such a life changer for him considering how active he has always been and has taken some Major adjusting .I have also had to remind myself to slow down and not always be on the go.It is also frustrating for us when the ones we are close to just don't get it. They don't understand how cf effects our everyday lifestyle.

As much as I don't want to say it I do believe this is the "calm before the storm". Nicks transplant Dr. told him he had 3 months to get his lung function up or Nick would have to start the evaluation process for his double lung transplant.Since his appointment in September he has started pulmonary rehab,He is now 2 weeks in and finding himself facing A hospital visit for a exacerbation. He is frustrated at the fact that he cant get a routine going with the gym to get better before getting sick and needing IVS again. What the heck are you suppose to do ?

So with that being said Nick is calling tomorrow to make A appointment with his Dr. knowing good and well it is time for IVS again. Last Dr. visit his Dr told him that he will no longer be doing home IVS and that  he will be admitted from now on. Please keep Nick in your prayers as he is physically and mentally drained and frustrated.

Be thankful for the ability to breathe and remember not to take it for granted.....Just saying

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