Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Pulmonary Rehab

Hey everyone, I hope yall are having A great week!! This morning Nick had A transplant appointment,So we headed to Gainesville bright and early. Usually I am very confident about Nicks transplant visits and just know that it is not time to be listed. This time was A little different Nick and I have been out of the gym for 3 months. For Nick that is just not A good thing, His lung function is always higher when he is more active. 

With that being said since he has not been going it was no surprise to get there this morning only to find out that his lung function had dropped. We saw the Dr. and he was slightly concerned but had confidence in Nick,Just as everyone else does that he can do better and bring these numbers up. Nick starts pulmonary rehab at the end of this month and will be going 4 times A week. He is really excited about this because he know what the outcome can be. 

Nick was in this same predicament 2 years ago and kicked butt and was on top of the world. I have NO DOUBT that he can and WILL do this Again. The Dr said that he wants to see him when he is done with pulmonary rehab in three months.If then he does not see that Nicks lung function has improved he will then know that its time. Nick will then go through the whole process and testing of being evaluated. After that he will then decide weather or not he would like to be active on the list and waiting for lungs.

So that is where we stand and I thank everyone so much for all of your thoughts,positive vibes and prayers that were sent our way today. There is nothing better for Nick to get up in the morning sit down to do his treatments and check his stuff the morning of his transplant appointment only to find everyone who loves him sending him all that love. THANK YOU once again it means more to us than any of you will know.

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