Monday, April 18, 2011


Stale-mate any position or situation in which no action can be taken or progress made; deadlock: 

Sometimes this is what I feel like regarding Nick and where he stands in his fight with cystic fibrosis

Last week I posted here  about Nick and his oxygen being A little low and possibly needing oxygen at night when he sleeps. Well his nurse called this afternoon and let Nick know that he will be needing it while he sleeps. She said that it was not extremely low but that they were going to have him use it while he sleeps.

I am going to be brutally honest!!!! Last week I posted on my face book that Nick would be doing A sleep study and to keep him in your thoughts and prayers. The next day Nick got A call from his nurse who we LOVE more than she will ever know. She was concerned with me writing that on face book. She didn't understand why I would get people worried when it was not A big deal. So I said you know what maybe it was not A big deal and I shouldn't have said anything.

Today when Nick called me and told me this I had one of my CF wife "moments". Only because It is such A let down for him, He works SO hard to keep his self healthy only to be knocked back on his butt.SO YES last week maybe I did make A big deal out of it because YES it is A big deal to us.I think a lot of these Dr's and nurses forget that this is NOT normal for us and are desensitized to certain things. To us it is one step closer to the inevitable. Call me dramatic but I just call it for what I see it!

It is so painful for me when Nick gets sick or gets news that it is unwanted to see the look on his face. I have said this before but he looks SO defeated, Even though I KNOW that MY AMAZING HUSBAND will once again push on and be thankful for every breath he gets.It still hurts no matter how many times I see that face, It never makes it easier.Tomorrow the people with the stupid oxygen tank are coming out and showing him how that things works. I know it will be good for Nick and will make him sleep better,Its just him getting use to it.

Nick and I got a new puppy!!! I have been wanting another dog for SO long and my prayers were answered. Nick was not and still is not completely happy about it though,He is coming around.I will write more about the pup later , I have to take him to the vet.Until then you can enjoy pics of our sweet new furbaby

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