Saturday, April 16, 2011

Oxygen watch

Hey yall, Hope you are enjoying the B-E-A-UTIFUL weather outside I love this time of year for so many reasons. If you follow me on face book than most of you already know about the new fun stuff Nick had to do. I have to say that I am A little guilty and thanks to Nicks nurse for putting me in check. Me being the drama queen that I am seemed to have made it A bigger deal than it should of been.
Last week Nicks nurse came out to check on him as she normally does. She listens to his lungs and all kinds of other stuff and she usually put the little red glowing thing on his finger to see what his oxygen is. Nicks is usually 90-94,Well that day is was any where between 80-85. His nurse was A little concerned and called Nicks Dr,They then decided that he should do some kind of overnight sleep study oxygen test.
Nick wore that little red glowing thing on his finger while he slept to see what kind of oxygen he was getting while he slept.He was like A little kid and couldn't fall asleep because he kept looking at his "oxygen watch". Hopefully all is well and the test will come back and we Will have great news....If not Nick will have to sleep with oxygen when he sleeps.
It was so hard for be and I guess why I made A big deal out of it. Nick just once again looked so defeated like he had done something wrong or that there was something he can do to make it go up. I hate this part of being A cf wife more than anything because there is nothing you can do or say to make it better. To his Dr. this is just A simple thing no worries but not for Nick. This is just one more routine he has to add to the day and one more thing that makes him A little less like everyone else.So yes it was A big deal in my eyes when I look into my husbands eyes and see nothing but sadness and defeat.Thankfully it went away quickly because Nick has never been one to dwell on anything.Thank God for that...

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