Thursday, April 21, 2011

25 bucks

In the last blog I let yall know how excited I was that Nick and I now had A new puppy.....Oh how things can change in A couple of days. I am so sad to say that we had to give our cute little beagle puppy away,To A good home thankfully. We had every intentention on keeping the puppy that Nick ended up naming "Kobe" and loving him just like our other fur baby.

Since I had found the pup and did not know much about him we wanted to take him to the vet asap to make sure he was in good health. Tuesday morning Nick and I took him to the vet where we eventually came to determine he had mange. Then she told us that he was 6 weeks and looked to be A full blooded beagle,Not what we wanted to hear. I told Nick that as much as I already loved our new pup if he was A beagle I would have to think about finding him a good home.

Anyways while we were waiting on the Dr. to come back I got upset because I loved this puppy but he just wasn't working out... Our other fur baby Jag was just not having it,He was A totally different dog since we brought Kobe home. I still went ahead and paid for the puppy to have some shots that would start getting rid of mange as well as de working him.I just could not let him suffer just because I was not going to keep him.

After trying to find someone who would want to take him with his skin condition I had no luck. I knew that I couldn't keep him anymore knowing that he could give mange to Jag. Before work this morning I drove the poor little pup down to the pound. I didn't even get into the building yet and I had A woman stop me and ask me if I was getting rid oh him. I went on to tell her how great of a pup he was but that he did have mange,Her husband soon stepped in and told her no. So I proceeded the walk of shame into the building where there is A rather scary looking lady sitting behind A glass window as if I was going to reach across and threaten her life with my puppy.

I told her the story of how I found him and that it just wasn't working out and all the good things about this cute pup. She then simply looked at me and said "If you want to drop him off it will be A 25 dollar fee,I will need your license and there is no guarantee he will be adopted out" At that point I think my mouth fell open and she said "THIS IS A EUTHANIZING FACILITY" Geeshhhh what was I thinking, I mean who would have thought that I would ever have to pay A mean scary old lady 25 bucks to euthanize my new puppy....UMMM I DON'T THINK SO. I simply told her "Thanks but no thanks, I cant see paying you 25 dollars just to kill my dog, Have A great day"

With that being said I turned around and drove Kobe back home,Only to get to work to find A new owner for him. I couldn't have been happier with who he was going to!!!  I just cant believe how hard people make it to help stray animals,No wonder why there are so many.

Here is A great psa for everyone...Enjoy

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