Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Best Day!!

I hope that every ones Easter was as amazing and beautiful as ours was. Nick and I decided to do something different and have Easter with just the two of us. I know normally the ideal Easter is to be surrounded by family and spending the day enjoying each others company. Nick and I have had so much going on lately with family,health,work and fundraising that we just wanted to get away.

Sunday morning Nick and I decided to wake up and go to St. Augustine. I had planned on cooking A small Easter dinner for just the two of us but last minute we decided not to. We got down there walked around for A bit it was a beautiful day there were families picnicking everywhere. We had A bite to eat at this adorable little place called the white lion. The prices were GREAT and the food was simply delicious

After lunch we headed out in front of the fort to find a spot to sit during the Easter parade they were having.Then I ran into A friend from work,The parade was so much fun. We ate so much sweets I am not even going to say how much I am ashamed yall. They have all these specialty shops that make it so darn tempting,It was worth it though. We walked around and shopped some more they have some of the neatest stuff down there that is all hand made.

Later on Nick and I along with our friends Krista and Steve went and had dinner at the conch house. This place was so beautiful and the end to a perfect day. The atmosphere was perfect the view was good and the food was even better.I HIGHLY recommend this to yall, i don't even care for seafood and I loved it. Check it our next time you are down in St.Augustine. Here are some pictures from the day ENJOY

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