Thursday, March 10, 2011

No Pain No Gain

Hey yall, I hope everyone is as ready for this weekend as I am...Woooh what A week!

Nick and I have finally got back to going to the gym every day and I am reallllyyyy feeling it.Nick has been going now for about A month now and I started back last week. Now that it is time to get back into that bathing suit I feel more determined than ever. The other night I worked my legs so hard that when I got up they were actually quivering. Something that my mom has said before rang in my ear "NO PAIN NO GAIN"
On another note Nick and I along with our good friend Chelsea are getting things together for the 2ND annual bowling for breath event. Last year the event was held for this Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, But we decided to switch it up this year.As you all have read in previous post Nick and I go to Sunny Shores Sea Camp every year, You can read about that here. It was life changing for Nick and I and have learned so much from going and met some pretty amazing people.

Sunny Shores Sea Camp is A non profit organization that is made possible by people who graciously donate there time and money.The families who attend pay for nothing but there way to get there.They provide your room and board at the Disney Vero Beach resort. Not only to they do that but breakfast lunch and dinner are taken care of as well. You learn so much by attending this camp and gain some life long friends.

With that being said the least we could do was raise some money so that more families can attend, RIGHT?
That is why we are doing the Bowling For Breath event for them this year.It is such A fun event and A great way to raise money. I would LOVE to see everyone there and makes for A great family day. Be sure to check out the website for additional info and to register...

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