Thursday, December 30, 2010

Whats going on

I have been trying to do some blog post lately and if you read my blog you know I rarely make A post with out A pic. To me it makes blogs more interesting, People want to see what you are talking about. Well....for some reason I can only post one pic to my blog at a time then I have to exit out of the blog, come back in and then load up the next pic. It is weird and very annoying,Is anyone else having this problem?

So I decided I need to keep on blogging, So until I figure this out there will be less pictures because it is way to time consuming doing it the way it is now.

On another note Nick and I have been pretty busy lately. From our trip to Indy, Christmas shopping and Christmas and then being busy with the house. As you know Nick recently got sick and we have A good feeling it was from him working on the house to much and wearing himself out. So its hard to not want to work on the house and we are trying to find that balance where we can still work on it but not wear ourselves out.

Here are some pics of the little projects we have done in the past couple of weeks
This is the closet in our guest bedroom. I wanted A workspace where I could do crafts. I didn't want to invade Nicks manspace/office so I came up with this. Nick help me put up A couple wall to wall shelves and some trim and TADAAAA!!
I absolutely love it and it was really easy.

Here is A picture of the new wall art we just did, I LOVE IT!!!!
We had it on this wall at first and left  it there for A little bit but I just wasn't feeling it.
So it is now here...
 Now I will be trying to finish our picture wall and hope that it will look as good as this
I hope everyone had A great Christmas I am excited to post about some things to come for us in the New Year.

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