Saturday, January 15, 2011

Dr.Appointment and Faux Fireplace

Hey yall, I know I have kinda been MIA lately. I have just not been in A blogging mood much and I hate it. Between work and all these house projects I'm am just slap wore out.I figured I would let everyone know how Nick is doing. He had A Dr.Appointment this past week and I am so excited his numbers were slightly up and he also gained A couple pounds. I had to work when Nick had his Dr. appointment and I HATE it I feel like it is my job to be there with him. I know he is A grown man but I just feel its my part to be by his side.Anyways when I called him after his appointment I could automatically tell he had A good visit,Its all in his voice....Its so cute yall

Nick is such A great hubby I dream up all these CrAzY projects and he is so good about making it happen.Our latest project is making A Faux fireplace/mantel, Something along these lines....
Nick has gone above and beyond and worked SO hard on this project I cant wait to see what the final product looks like. Here are some pics of the Faux fireplace/mantel in the making,Excuse the mess.
Hopefully we   he will be finished with it tonight and I can start painting it tomorrow.He still has some trim to put along the bottom and the actual mantel piece.
We went and picked out paint and when we are all done we hope it will look similar to this....

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