Thursday, December 30, 2010


Last weekend Nick and I got to go on one of the most amazing trips.Nick and I got A great opportunity thanks to some really awesome people to go on A trip this past weekend...Read about how HERE
Nick and I arrived at Ever Bank Field on Saturday around one to meet up with some Jacksonville Jaguar representatives. From there we jumped on A bus and we were escorted to the airport where the Jaguar private plane awaited not only us but the Jags as well.
As we were getting on the plane two lovely ladies from Chick Fil A handed me A bag of Chicken and A Gatorade.Nick and I get on the plane get settled and the plane takes off,Everything is great.Next thing I know the flight attendant is walking around asking us if we would like some Doritos,Sure why not? Then 10 minutes later she comes back and wanted to know if I wanted A chicken quesadilla or steak salad...What the heck? So not only did I get one yummy quesadilla but the most amazing salad and piece of apple pie.It was slap your mama kinda good yall!
We finally landed in Indy and boy did we feel special. They roped off the hotel lobby and no body was allowed to enter the hotel (except us) or leave.Our hotel room key was waiting for us and we were off to our rooms to freshen up.Nick and I changed and the headed to the 3 story mall for A little Christmas shopping. 

Nick and I got downt o the lobby and he said "Do not turn around" So of course I did. It was Josh Scobee.....Yall I have A huge thing for this guy, he is such A hunk. ANYWAYS!! It was really nice because the hotel was connected to A convention center and the mall so we didn't have to walk out in the cold...Not that I would have minded playing in the snow some.
Nick and I looked around some and hit up the Godiva shop for A yummy Banana Foster Star. Then we headed over to Bella Vita,If you are ever in Indy check it out...So good! We had Banana Foster for dessert can you tell that is our favorite.It kinda brings back memories, Nick and I both had that for the first time on our honey moon.
After dinner Nick and I attempted to take the scenic route instead of the heated skywalk back to the hotel so we could play in snow. That didn't last very long before we headed back to the mall and up to the sky walk.

On our way back we were taking pictures and some kids asked us to take A picture of them because they were famous. They then began to tell Nick and I that they were famous rappers so I said "Rap for us then" so they did. They were pretty good and well...Deserved that there picture be taken.

Nick and I got back to the hotel and picked Nick up some gloves and headed back out in the snow to play.I LOVE SNOW!!!! We had so much fun and laughed so hard!!
Finally we made it up to our room and crashed for the night. The next morning we woke up enjoyed some yumjy starbucks and jumped on the bus where we were police escorted one block over to Lucas Oil Stadium.
The game was interesting! We had A great time but it was hard getting beat considering this was one of our most important games. Let me tell you those colts fans are absolutely ruthless.I will say they had the most amazing nachos ever at this game...Just sayin...After the game we headed down the three story GIANT stadium. It was nice because all we did was flash our little bracelets and they ushered us through pretty quickly. After going through the lovely tsa check point we jumped on the bus and headed to the airport where the plane was waiting on us.
The plane trip was nothing short of heavenly, I like to eat and let me tell you that's alllllll we did . It is just ridiculous how much they feed you on this plane ride. We arrived back at the stadium and I thought this was so neat...Some encouraging words after A hard loss!
After A amazing weekend we were ready to be home to see our little fur baby and our warmer weather.


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Sonja said...

Hey, you were in my neck of the woods!!! Well, kinda...we are about 2 hours north of Indy and my brother lives in Indy. We have been wanting to go to a Colts game for along while now, but haven't made it. What an awesome experience you guys had. Sounds like you were treated like royalty!! That's a trip you'll not soon forget. I must admit though I'm glad the Colts won;)