Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Last night Nick and I went to the annual Pacca benefit I love this event for so many reasons. All the money that is raised a this fundraiser goes back to the patients. At Nicks Dr. appointments he will randomly get A target gift card or A big jar of trail mix. When you are having A crappy Dr. visit and you get something like that it makes your day A little bit better. Not only do they do little things like that but Nick and I really got the benefit from it this past week.When we were trying to get out of the hospital we had A bit of A hold up with the insurance company. They would pay for all of Nicks meds but didn't want to pay for all of the medical supplies for him to do at home ivs.  It would have costNick and I 40 bucks A day. So Nick and I were going to have to stay up at the hospital for another week and a half. Thankfully pacca came through and is paying that for us. That is so huge!! I also love going every year because we get to see all of our favorite people. We got to see all of Nicks nurses and some of the pediatric team who has gotten Nick where he was when he moved over to the adult CF world.
Nick with his pediatric Dr.
Nick and I with his nurse Ronnie
Nick seems to be doing better and has more of A appetite now.I have noticed him still running out of energy which is so hard for him because he hates to just relax. Thanks so much for everyone who has thought about us and for those who have been praying for us. Sorry if I have seemed out of touch lately I have a lot going on and haven't been in much of A mood to chit chat.

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