Friday, July 30, 2010

Amazing Opportunity

OK ... I didn't want to say anything until it was set in stone but here goes.
Last night when Nick and I were on our way back from the mall Nick got A call from a friend of ours.
She told us that her and her husband had these Jacksonville Jaguar tickets and wanted to know if we were interested in them. She told Nick he could pick from 1 of 4 games...
Jags VS Houston Texans
Jags VS New York Giants
Jags VS Buffalo Bills
Jags VS Indianapolis's Colts
Nick would have been happy with any of the above but his first pick was Jags VS the Colts. She said "Well there is only one thing...They are all away games"
So of course Nick knew we wouldn't be able to travel to Indianapolis's. Then she told us that Nick and I would actually meet up at the Stadium get on the bus and drive to the airport with the Jaguar players. Then we would get on the plane with them and travel to Indianapolis's,Stay in the hotel the night before the game,Have dinner and then go to the Jags VS Colts game the next day.
At this point Nicks expression on his face is priceless, I was freaking out because I didn't know what this person on the other end of the phone was telling him. He gets off the phone and tells me all this and of course I don't believe him.Finally he convinces me that he is serious and I start freaking out. This is all I have heard about since he got off the phone. If you know Nick you know he is A HUGE Jaguar fan,Really hes just A sports fanatic. So for him to have this kind of experience is just great.
 So we were not 100% sure we were gonna get the tickets to the Colts game. Then today we got the call that we had gotten the tickets. So Nick and I will be flying with the Jags on December 18th for their game against the Colts.

Moments like this are when I am reminded that there is good in this world. That people do still care about others and that it is not a dog eat dog world. I don't think anyone can imagine what this means to Nick and I.
When Nick and I went to camp we talked about something.We talked about how sometimes people with A disease like Nick and their loved ones always try to create these magical moments.I know I am guilty for trying to always make things perfect that way if something ever happens to Nick he can look back and know he did EVERYTHING he ever wanted. I don't want him to have any regrets and so it is because people like these that Nick and I don't have to create these moments they are just apart of our life. FOR THAT I WILL BE FOREVER GRATEFUL.

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