Friday, November 12, 2010

Things I love right now

Check out some of the things I am loving right now....
This site is simply AMAZING especially if you love to DIY...
Not only do they have awesome decorating style they have step by step instructions on how to do pretty much any home project you can think of.Since Nick and I started looking to by A house I have been hooked to there projects page trying to get ideas. Check it out...

Since moving into our new house I have A new found respect for spray paint. It is A quick and easy fix to makeover just about anything. Check out some awesome spray paint makeovers at

While we are talking about spray painting, I have found the greatest tool for my new spray paint love.You can pick it up just about anywhere I got mine at Walmart of course for A whopping 2.94.Usually when spray painting my finger starts to cramp from holding down the nozzle and I end up with spray pain on my hands. This little gadget turns your spray can into A nifty little gun. It makes for no dripping and streaks I love it.

Since Nick and I do not have Internet at the new house I was starting to have withdrawal symptoms. I needed Internet ASAP!! I remembered that Starbucks has free Internet so I am completely loving on Starbucks.Not only is it awesome that they have free Internet but that I live oh maybe 3 minutes from it.So between the unpacking and work I find some me time to go enjoy some free Internet and people watching.If you love to people watch sit in Starbucks for A hour....WOW

The last thing that I am loving now is my new house....It is simply perfect for Nick and I . At first I was really worried about moving from lil ol Bryceville to Argyle. I am so glad we picked this location, Nick and I love being so close to everything and still having that quiet neighborhood.

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