Monday, November 29, 2010


Hey Yall, I hope everyone had An amazing Thanksgiving. Let me tell you what A crazy couple of weeks it has been for Nick and I. About A week before Thanksgiving Nick decided he wanted to do Thanksgiving at our house. Every year we go from house to house visiting with everyone and it has just gotten old. since we have A new home of our own what better way to celebrate than have everyone over for Thanksgiving dinner. So Nick and I got to work getting the house ready for everyone to come over. We also had my Mom and Step dad coming in town the day after Thanksgiving to stay until today with us. We finally got everything ready for Thanksgiving and it couldn't have went better. It felt so good to have everyone over to our new home and just relax and enjoy each others company.
Everyone over for Thanksgiving dinner
All of my sisters
My nephew Trace and I
Some of our Thanksgiving goodies
My mom and step dad arrived Saturday and we haven't stopped since. They spoiled Nick and I A bit and got us some things for the house. My step dad helped Nick do some landscaping, It looks SO good! It was so nice having them come up for A visit. Nick and I are so use to driving down to Ft. Lauderdale to see them. Now that they have A room to stay in here I think we will be seeing them A little more often, I couldnt more excited about that.

On another not, I know life is not fair but please excuse me but I am gonna have A pity party if ya don't mind. Right when you think that life is going great you get another blow. From the time we moved in until now Nick has not really stopped to take the time for himself. Unfortunately the last couple of days Nick has felt the brunt of our never ending projects. I called his Dr. this morning and they thought it would be best that Nick come into the hospital for A little stay and finish up his ivs at home. We are suppose to be so excited about our new home and enjoying it, Instead we have to go stay at the hospital.

 Every time Nick gets sick its just another reminder that our life is far from normal and nor will it ever be. Its just not fair that Nick has to deal with this stupid disease,That he has to bust his butt every day of his life just to BREATHE. I love how people think that they have it bad I wish for once they could walk A mile in his shoes. Anyways enough I just need to vent sometimes. That is what this blog was for and now I feel like I have to guard myself sometimes because of who reads this blog.

So please continue to keep Nick I'm your prayers as he just got off of Ivs less than 2 months ago and yet hes back at it.

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Sarah and Will Carver said...

Glad to hear you guys are settled into your house, it's very cute:) Nick will be in my prayers, defiently can relate when you talk about NOT having a normal life. It's the same for us with Miss Callie and it does suck and scarey at times because things can go from good to bad so fast. If yall ever need anything just let us know!