Friday, November 12, 2010

Yada Yada Yada

I know yall probably think that I have fallen off the face of the blogging earth....NOPE I'm here!!!! Just up to my nose in boxes and I couldn't be any happier
Nick and I closed on our first home this past Friday and are finally starting to get settled in. I love knowing that our new home was not handed to us on A silver platter,But that we worked hard to have this house. It really has made living here so much sweeter. We have slowly started unpacking and have noticed that we have outgrown some of our previous home decor.All of our stuff from out apartments has been stored away for two years while we lived with my in laws to save for A house. So lets just say Nick and I are going to have A huge yard sale once we get everything unpacked...One mans trash is another mans treasure right? Nick and I are really excited about having everyone over for A house warming party. We are thinking about doing A housewarming/Superbowl party....WHO'S COMING????

Yesterday Nick got A call from his nurse who we love more than she will ever know.She wants Nick to speak at their annual fundraiser dinner for the adults cystic fibrosis center. We have attended this event every year and have always enjoyed being apart of it.I of course have always known that Nick is A amazing individual. It gets me so excited to know that other people feel the same way,That his story is enough to inspire people. I know that Nick is passionate about CF and helping other people so I know he will do A great job.She also mentioned another pretty big opportunity Nick may possibly have in the near future but I am going to wait to share the news until everything is set in stone

Nick has been doing good but unfortunatly with all the moving has not been in the gym as much. I get so worried around this time of the year for him because of all the germs going around. This time of the year is never good for any one with CF. So please keep Nick in your thoughts and prayers as always that he can kick butt and get back into the gym.

Once we get the house put together I will be putting up pictures....

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