Friday, June 4, 2010

Some randomness for you

Hey everyone, I hope you all had A great memorial day weekend. Nick and I went to the beach and really had A nice day. I cant believe it but I really didn't take any pictures, I guess I just didn't want to fuss with my camera at the beach. Poor Nick every time we go to the beach now he gets sun sick, Last time we thought it was from the cipro he was on but apparently not. Does anyone else get like this?

A update on our friend Mo, Thanks to all who have been praying for her. I do believe we are watching A miracle in the making folks. She is still fighting strong and has had A good couple of days where she has been stable.Things are starting to look better but she still has A long road to recovery. Its amazing what prayer,love and the will to live can accomplish.I know I say it all the time but  be grateful people for you never know when everything can change.

Nick and I are counting down the days until vacation at Sunny Shores Sea Camp for people and families who have been touched with CF.We are beyond excited to see the great families we met last year and get to meet the new families. I just love meeting new families and hearing there story and how cf has been apart of their lives. Camp for us last year was just so amazing and we are blessed to be able to go again this year. They have had SO many applications from families that they actually had to turn some families away this year.

Nick is doing well still kicking butt in the gym and has even got me motivated again. I have been kinda bad and haven't been going to the gym now for about A month and A half. So he gave me A little push and I started back yesterday. I was reminded today of how much I HATE cardio... Unless its zumba but the elliptical is my least favorite. I know it works the best and burns the most calories but geesh that thing is some kinda serious. Back to eating right again to, SOOO BORING but it pays off big time.

This weekend A friend of mine and I rented A booth at the local flea market in hopes to sell some of her diaper cakes and baby stuff as well as my tutus and diaper wipe cases so we will see how that goes... Wish me luck

Nick and I NEED YOUR HELP!!!! As you all know we are hosting the 1st annual bowling for breath event for Cystic Fibrosis and we need door prizes. We already have some great things but could use A couple more. If interested in donating anything and or attending the event please get with me by e-mailing me.

I hope everyone has A GREAT weekend and remember to keep smiling...

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