Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sun Sick

Yesterday was the Great Strides walk at Fernandina Beach which was SO nice.Nick and I and our team do A lot of the walks every year just because we like to meet all the different families and keep in touch with ones we already know. It is also A good time for all of our family both Nicks side and mine to get together. So yesterday we went to the walk and it was so nice out, We decided to hit the beach for A little bit after. Unfortunately I had to be to work at 5 so we couldnt stay long, Which turned out to be A good thing.Let this be A reminder, When you are on antibiotics make sure you read the warning label. Nick just went on Cipro which is A pretty strong anti biotic and you are NOT suppose to be in the sun with this one.Nick was reminded the hard way, We were only out there for about A hour and A half but he is now pretty sun sick. I have been keeping him hydrated while he is awake but he has slept most of the day.
The walk went good and I just kick myself in the butt every year because when the walks get here I get SO pumped up about fundraising for the next year. Then when it comes time I procrastinate like crazy. I think I wrote the same thing last year that I am going to raise BIG money next year. It just breaks my heart that I have A team of 30 and we should just be raising A lot more than we do. I have A GREAT team we just like to wait until last minute to do everything.. I hope everyone had A fabulous weekend and I am off to bed A little early I am pretty wore out from the busy weekend. XOXO

My little sister Mackenzie and I
Our team won the "Been there done that" Award

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