Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Dinosoars, Camo and Polka Dots

Hi my name is Amanda and I am addicted to making bows...I have to admit it I cant stop making these bows....
Now I have something new I am making and at first it was for fun but then I had some people inquire about them to purchase. I have been making diaper wipe cases and they are just too adorable and quite frankly I could use A little pocket change this summer.I have had A little bit of luck with both the bows and the wipe holders which is why I started making more.
So here I am offering my services to you for your bow and wipe case needs... Because every lil girl needs bows and who doesn't love A cute wipe case right???

How much are they you ask???
For me to custom make you one would be twelve dollars. I can find and use any type of material and ribbon. I can even purchase Vera Bradly material which would cost you A little bit more.

I also have A couple of friends who are selling some FABULOUS stuff for GREAT prices if you are interested.

My Friend Megan sells some really cute handmade jewelry.. You can check out her site HERE

Then I have  A friend Leanne who makes these AWESOME and CUTE diaper cakes. These diaper cakes are PERFECT for baby shower gifts.
I have never seen these diaper carriages that she makes anywhere either and I just think they are great. These would be perfect for center pieces at A baby shower.
She also sells gently used children's accessories such as Jumperoos,Bouncy seats,Walkers,Baby clothes as well as some maternity clothes. You can check her site out HERE

I hope to hear from some of you soon to maybe place A order. You can contact me on my face book account as well. Have A GREAT week  and remember it is what you make it.

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