Sunday, May 2, 2010

Great Strides 2010

Yesterday Nick and I along with some of our biggest supporters walked int he 2010 Great Strides walk. It was so much fun and really nice to see everyone again and meet new faces as well.This was the first year that I raised A good amount of money to go to finding A cure.It means so much to me and yet every year I find my self procrastinating until the very last minute.Nothing changed this year I just kicked butt and got as many donations as I could. With your help our team ROCKED this year, We even got the Great Strides fever and are doing the Fort Clinch walk on the 15th.

This year was also VERRY bittersweet, I got to meet Jeremy Masons Mom. Jeremy Mason is A young man who passed away with Cystic Fibrosis not too long ago. He was A very talented young man who played the guitar and also sang.I have previously wrote about Alex Colbert who passed away A few months ago, Jeremy and Alex were best friends. They would actually plan there hospital visits so they would be in together. That is when Nick and I met Alex and Jeremy,Nick and the boys were always in the hospital at Wolfson's together. That is where we learned of there love for music,At all hours of the night... hehe
Yesterday was the firs time I met hist mother, And she was such A amazingly strong woman. I found myself not able to talk about the loss of the boys and yet so happy that she was able to make it to the walk. She was A inspiration to me that there is hope and God forbid anything ever happened to my husband I WILL MAKE IT THOUGH... Thanks Nancy

We have decided to do the walk At Fort Clinch and for you Nassau County Folks, We would love to see you there. Just go here for details and to register and or donate.

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