Thursday, May 20, 2010

Camp and Cases

Nick and I went to the most amazing camp last year just for people with cystic fibrosis. It truly was life changing for us. They cover 100 percent of your stay it is all inclusive and words cannot explain how amazing it it. Well we defiantly wanted to go this year but kinda had A scare. The camp had SO MANY families apply new and returning that they couldnt accommodate everyone. So they sent out A mass e-mail stating that they were going to be letting everyone know soon weather they got in but if not you would have first priority next year. Nick and I were so bummed and definitely thought we were out this year...NOPE WERE GOING TO CAMP!!!! It is kinda bittersweet though because there are alot of other families who we are going to miss out on this year We are however grateful for our spot

On another note I am now making and selling tutus as well as the wipe cases. I have added A few more wipe cases and orders are coming in so I am really excited.. Be sure to contact me to get yours.. XOXO

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