Friday, April 16, 2010


I have been reading A new blog lately called The days I'll remember and today is this blogs two year anniversary.What better way to celebrate A anniversary then A giveaway!!! I love giveaways but have yet to win anything so we will see... You better belive I am entering this one Jenifer is giving away this adorable tote....I would love to use this for our two up coming vacations... I'm sure you could find something to use it for so why dont you shoot on over to The days I'll remember and find out how you can have the chance to win.

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Jennifer said...

I'm late responding to you, but thank you for visiting my blog and following. Glad to know you enjoy the glimpse into our life! :)

Just incase you didn't know, I actually sale these bags so if you're interested in one let me know or check out my other blog for more ideas.

Thanks again, talk to you soon!!