Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Crazy Beautiful

Today was kinda crazy, I had the day off which called for lots of errands. Nick and I ran around trying to gather up donations for the Great Strides walk. We had some luck which made my day  week,Thanks to all those who donated.Nick and I went out to lunch which was oh so yummy and I splurged on A sweet tea which has been oh too long. Oh how I have missed you sweet tea,My hips still hate you though.
While we were running around we thought we would have A little fun, Because after all Nick and I are two big kids. Nick has been wanting to go to the indoor batting cages in Macclenny so bad so off we went to hit some balls.Once I got in there and saw how fast the balls flew I quickly decided I was out, Call me A chicken if ya want. I just wasn't feeling getting pegged with a ball going 60 mph,Sorry for the lack of entertainment.Nick on the other hand loved it,The guy was nice enough to not even charge us and just let Nick try it. Nick learned it was a great form of air clearance as he kina got wore out quickly.
When we got home my sister in law and her husband came over with little sweet Trace.I cant belive how fast this little guy is growing,He is looking more and more like his Dad. Then my friend Brittney came over with her little girl Haley and Chase who was also born on the same day as Trace and two rooms apart. HA!!!
Tomorrow is back to the grind with work,Then we will be off to Ft. Lauderdale for vacation on Wednesday.I am SO excited I really am ready to see my Mom and Step Dad and MORE than ready for  A vacation. Have  A GREAT Thursday people

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