Friday, April 16, 2010



I picked up A extra shift tonight to earn some extra cash for our vacation. Unfortunately I have to work tomorrow as well and miss my faviorite Lil buddys birthday. My friend Brad and Brittney are throwing A Mickey Mouse Clubhouse themed party for there little girl Haley.

So Brittney and I were thinking of some games the kids could play and it hit me,PIN THE EARS ON MICKEY. So there I was googling away and I realized that this was not A common game played so i had to make my own up... I have to say I love the way it came out... Its kinda hard to get the full effect.
Then I made little ears for the kids to pin onto Mickeys ears... I thought it was pretty cool. I would play it if I were A kid, heck Id play it now...
On another note, Nick and I got AWESOME news!!! Every year before we go to camp we Nick has to give A culture to make sure he is not growing anything to funky or B Cepacia...ITS A GO!!!! We are good for camp, No B Cepacia... So Nick and I are more than exited about seeing everyone again this year and enjoying everyone....Yall have A good night

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