Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter on Saturday

Since my Step Mom Sherri has been working at UPS for God knows how long she has had to work on Easter Sunday. Therefore we have always had our Easter dinner on Saturday,I kinda like it. It works out well for Nick and I that was we dont feel like we have to eat at his parents and my parents house. This year my parents house is under MAJIOR RENOVATION....First the bathroom and now the other bathroom and living room,So needless to say the house is A little nonfunctional for Easter dinner.
This year we decided to have Easter dinner on the beach, I was SO excited!! I absolutely love the beach and it was such A great day. I think we should do it every year,Considering I didn't do much of the work I would be the one to say that. Its just such A non traditional dinner and usually I am all about tradition,Not this time.
After we ate Nick and I stayed for A bit and then headed home.
My Dad and I
My little sister and I
Dad Nick and My little brother Cameron

Nick and I

Nick had family down from Tennessee, It was really nice to catch up. I remember when Nick and I started dating his little cousins were babies, I just couldnt belive how big they were. We had so much fun with them although I dont think our house has been that loud in A long time. I also am not sure if I can stand to hear a Justin Bieber song EVER again. Here are some pics from Saturday and Easter Sunday! I hope everyone had A blessed Easter and remembered what the holiday is really all about.
Our sweet little Justin Bieber fan...Annabelle :)
Getting ready to die Easter eggs, My fingers are still blue
Nick and his little cousin Kyle
Morgan and Cody, More cousins
Nicks Gram with all of her Great Grandchildren,This made her heart smile

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Carrie said...

What a fun way to spend Easter! We went to the beach yesterday and it was a beautiful day. Three cheers for living so close to the beach!