Tuesday, April 6, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like.....

Thank heavens because I really cant stand looking at my pasty white arms anymore...
I know it is sooooo bad for me because my Gma tells me all the time,BUT I LOVE THE SUN.
I have always been A sun baby and I really enjoy it.I could be perfectly content in the back yard on A lawn chair with a hose. I do prefer to be poolside or at the beach however.
Yesterday Nick and I along with our friends Brad and Brittney and their adorable little girl headed out to the beach.It couldnt have been A better day,The weather was PERFECT. I hope you get to enjoy A little bit of this nice weather we have soon... Have A GREAT Tuesday and remember it is what you make it so SMILE!!!

The Pringles enjoying the beach
Brittney and I ....people watching
You know who ...
Haley bug

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