Sunday, March 21, 2010

One step closer

Whew, What A weekend
It sure didn't last long enough though!! Friday the weather here was B-E-A-utiful,Of course I had to work. Yesterday our friends Matt and Cassey were in town at Matt's parents house for his birthday. It was nice to see them and catch up.They live in Georgia,So we don't get to see them much.After we had some friends and family over for A cookout.The weather was perfect, not to cold and not to hot.

Last week Nick got A call from the transplant team at Uf and Shands in Gainesville. They wanted to let us know that they received his transplant application and we would be hearing from them soon. We just didn't think this soon....Friday afternoon Nick got A call from them asking if we were available to come meet the transplant team on Wednesday. This is such A bittersweet feeling,I know for Nick it is kind of scary.I am excited but I cannot even begin to imagine all the feelings that Nick is experiencing. This is only the beginning for us,I just want Nick to have A piece of mind about all this. He knows that ultimately he has control over when he goes active on the list so he is happy about that. Please just continue to keep Nick and I in your prayers. I know you always have,It is SO comforting to know we have you all.

I am really excited about this upcoming week,Its going to be busy busy. Tuesday my friend Brittney and I are going to be volunteering at the 9th annual cystic fibrosis "Shoot for A cure" sporting clay tournament.It is A awesome event to help raise money and inevitably find A cure for CF,Lots of fun. Then Wednesday is Nicks Dr. appointment in Gainesville.Does anyone know of any good restaurants in Gainesville to eat at?

I hope yall have A great week,Stay positive and smile...It makes such A difference!!

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